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Souvenir Journal Information


When it is time to produce your Souvenir Journal, it is very important to call Superior Printing & Litho to let us know the date of the Affair so that we may place you on our scheduling calendar to be sure that we do not overbook our schedule.

Set up a Souvenir Journal Planning Committee, choose a Journal Chairperson, this person is responsible and has final say on all matters pertaining to the Souvenir Journal. Also be sure to discuss the following:
Date, Quantity of Journals needed, Cover design, Colors, Honorees Biographies and Photos, Leading Pages, Gold or Silver Pages, Full Pages, Half Pages and Quarter Pages. With proper communication producing a Souvenir Journal can be an easy and profitable experience and eliminate unnecessary headaches.

Tips on handing in a Souvenir Journal to your printer:
Dropping off your copies to the Printer: Purchase Manila Folders and for each category of pages you have use 1 folder for each category for example place all your Gold Pages Advertisements in the folder designated for Gold Ads and the same for your Covers, Leading Pages, Gold or Silver Pages, Full Pages, Half Pages and Quarter Pages. When visiting your printer, please be organized and follow these guidelines. The more organized you are, the less chance for unnecessary mistakes.
Electronic Advertisements: Advertisements can be accepted via EMail or from a Supplied Disk (CD, Zip Disk or a Floppy Disk) providing that the advertisements are saved in the following formats PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS saved files. HARD COPY must be supplied with Electronic Advertisements that sent via EMail or provided on a supplied disk to prevent errors. If an advertiser sends you an Electronic ad via EMail, simply print the ad out and be sure to forward the EMail to your printer. Please call ahead to let the printer know the ad will be sent via EMail.
Biographies & Histories can be submitted as a word document file saved on a disk or via EMail providing that the page ONLY consists of words (No Pictures or Graphics will be converted using this type of file, also please give the printer HARD COPY so we can see the page as it should appear in the Journal).
COPIES: Should be Clear and Legible. We can not be held responsible for Typographical errors. Do NOT Fold or Staple Artwork or Photos.


COVERS: Ad Size: 7.5 W x 10 H
GOLD or SILVER PAGES: Ad Size: 6 W x 8 H
HALF PAGES: Ad Size: 5.5 W x 3.75 H
QUARTER PAGES: Ad Size: 5.5 W x 1.875 H
FULL PAGES: Ad Size: 6 W x 8 H

DEADLINE: Copies for the Souvenir Journal should be handed in 3 weeks before the Date of the Affair or Due Date. (No Exceptions) or OVERTIME may be added to the job.
QUESTIONS & PRICING: If You have Any Questions or would like to receive a FREE Quote on your Souvenir Journal, please do not hesitate to call us at our business phone number 1.718/625.4227.

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